-- On 5th & 6th March 2021 --
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Here are some answers to questions being asked....

What do I wear at the Samson?

As a Competitor:

  • Wear Clothing that is appropriate to compete in, active wear is the best for all
  • Be aware that there is one Leg that requires all competitors to swim. For the Swim Leg all competitors usually swim in either active wear or wear swimmers under active wear whilst competing and remove active wear for the swim leg.
  • No flippers can be used for the Swim Leg
  • Swimming aids are only allowed if approved prior to the event by Team Samson
  • Goggles and Swimming Hats are allowed, either carry these with you to the Pool or your support team can take these to the pool for you.
  • Covered footwear which is suitable for running and being active is required.
  • The Samson is an outdoor event so please remember to apply sunscreen

As a volunteer:

  • Comfortable sun protecting clothing, shorts and/or active wear are preferable
  • A Hat
  • A bottle of water
  • Snacks
  • A smile and cheers for our competitors
  • Safe covered shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses where possible


What time does my team need to be at registration?

Each team needs to be on the oval signed in at registration 45 min prior to their starting time

All team members must sign in together

All team members but have their completed signed waiver with them to sign in  pdfSamson_Competitors_Waiver.pdf


Where can I leave my bags while I complete the Samson?

The Lismore Workers Sports Club has opened downstairs and hosting the Samson Lounge, where you can leave your bags undercover.

The Samson Lounge at the Lismore Workers Sports Club also will have:

  • Toilets
  • Cafe
  • Licensed Bar
  • Drop off place for bags*

* Leave bags at your own risk

 Lismore Workers Club




What happens if it rains leading up to the event?

The following are the procedures Team Samson use to detemine whether to proceed or postpone the Samson in the event of bad weather:

  • Thursday at 12pm prior to the event, a determination by Team Samson and Lismore City Council will be made on the event proceeding.
  • Friday at 10am prior to the event, a determination by Team Samson and Lismore City Council will be made on the event proceeding.

In case of postponement all Marshals and Team Captains, will be notified by phone and email and it will be announced on Facebook.


I am visiting Lismore where can I stay?

Accommodation in Lismore is as diverse as the region itself, with an enormous variety of accommodation to suit all tastes and budgets.

Visit Lismore Accomodation for an accommodation search.


How can I help out with this great event?

We are also looking for Volunteers to help us Marshal the event.

No matter what your skills or enjoyments in life are we have a great day in store for you ...

Our vollies are asked to join us on the oval at 6am and the day should wrap up around 2:30pm. As a volunteer you will receive great benefits ... a goodie lunch bag and you'll event get to wear a gorgeous high vis vest ...


If you come on board you are guaranteed to see an amazing event unfold...not to mention the good eyecandy...!

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


How do I stay up to date with what happening?

To stay up to date with what is happening 'like' the Samson's Facebook page.

The Samson is a great event however, the following is a list to help you be prepared for the day:


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